Does the world need another bloody water? Or another bloody anything really? What the world needs is for brands to give a damn and to give people the choice to make a difference.

We’ve all been sucked into the ‘vortex of consumerism’. Whether it’s pretty waterfalls on bottled water (hint: there is no waterfall) or supersized marketing campaigns convincing you to drop paycheque on a white t-shirt that will make your life complete.

And while we’re constantly being brainwashed to buy more, more and more, there are young people in our community that are getting less, less and less. And that gap is growing.

So, we’re doing our bit to level up that balance and cut through the bullshit.

And we need your help.

Another Bloody Water wants you to say goodbye to buying everyday goods where profits land in deep pockets (like, soooo deep) and hello to a new way of giving back. 

We are giving 50% of our profits to two inspiring groups - STREAT in Australia and Lifewise in New Zealand who specialise in stopping the cycle of homelessness and supporting kids in need.

So, the more you drink - the more we give - the more they get. 

That’s a can giving a damn!

We’re partnering with STREAT in Australia and Lifewise in New Zealand. Both of these inspirational organisations work with young people to break the cycle of homelessness and disadvantage in the community, and empowers them to reach their potential. Check out what they’re up to here…and drink a can or two while you’re at it….

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