Another Bloody Backstory



Way back in the day - when bottled water was a ‘thing’ - three mates hatched a plan. Armed with tasty pure spring water sourced in the Victorian Alps (complete with an unglamorous pump in a shed), a smartass name and devil-may-care attitude, they unceremoniously barged their way into an overcrowded, underwhelming bottled water market that was filled with meaningless brands. 

And water-drinkers everywhere got on board -  here was the first water brand that was pure, simple and bullshit-free just like water should be. It also won a few dandy awards along the way.

But as the years passed, they realised that it wasn't enough to be the ‘anti-brand’ taking the piss on the shelf and pulling the pants down of the big companies. Single use plastic bottles are rubbish in every sense of the word - and not wanting to contribute to that big ‘ol mess - the brand was put to bed for a bit until the right reason came along to get it moving once more.

And that reason was actually staring us right in the face. It’s not just bottled water there’s too much of - there’s too much of everything. Too many things, too many brands, too many choices. So, with a great product (hey people still gotta hydrate!), a voice and a pretty sweary name - we thought now was time to use those things to make things right again.

The Another Bloody brand will pop up wherever there is too much choice, cut through the crap as we’ve always done and reshape the way resources and profits are distributed. We’re going to help make  your choice count and create real change for the lives of the kids who need it most.