• What flavours do Another Bloody Water come in?  
Mandarin, Raspberry, and Lime.


  • Where is Another Bloody made? Where is the water sourced from?  
    ABW is proudly made in Victoria, Australia. Our water is sourced directly at the site of canning. Yep local, filtered tap water. Australia has some of the best water in the world, so why use unnecessary transport trucking spring water around, just to make a superfluous marketing claim? If you’re looking for chic, well-travelled water, you’ll need to look elsewhere. We’re plain ol’ mains water with a bit of flavour and fizz.


    • Why are you called Another Bloody Water?
      Because we think the water market is a little outta control. Water filtered through volcanic rock, water from the Swiss Alps, water that’s vegan - you name it, it’s being marketed. But it’s all just bloody water in the end right?!


      • What ingredients are in Another Bloody Water?   
        Just sparkling water, natural flavours (either mandarin, lime or raspberry), Citric Acid (this is naturally present in loads of our favourite food and drinks - it helps to enhance the true flavour profile of natural flavours), and our Raspberry and Mandarin flavours also have a touch of natural colour from foods like saffron and black carrot.


        • How should I store my ABW cans? 
          The fridge is ideal, but pantry is also absolutely fine. Best served icy cold!


          • Do your products have any artificial ingredients? 
            Nope! Another Bloody Water is made from all natural ingredients.


            • Zero sugar, really?
              It’s true! You can tackle your fizzy cravings without the sugar rush. We think water tastes great with some added sparkle and a hint of natural flavour.


              • What makes Another Bloody Water different to other water brands?
                We’re a brand dedicated to making positive impact in the world – every can gives a damn. We give 50% of our profits to our partner organisations who are helping to end youth homelessness. We want to give consumers the choice to make a difference even when purchasing something as ordinary as water.


                • How does your donation model work? 

                  A.   It’s pretty straightforward. In Australia we have a partner: Streat who receive quarterly payments of 50% of our Australian profits, after our operating costs have been removed. This includes marketing expenses, which is why you won’t see much, if any, advertising for Another Bloody Water – we’re very aware that any marketing spend comes at the expense of our donation to our partners. The same process in New Zealand with our partner there: Lifewise.

                  We give both partners projected donations so they can plan how to best use the funds to make the most difference within their plans. 

                  As they’re the experts in social work, we don’t dictate how they use the donations. And we try not to add to their already overflowing workloads by requesting reports of exactly how they’re using the funding, instead we have regular catchups on their current and upcoming projects and receive direct updates on how they’re changing lives.


                  • Where can I buy Another Bloody Water? 
                    In independent retailers nationwide. If it’s not in store, please ask!