Big Ambitions

Here are the things we know to be true:

  • Help! We’re all being sucked into ‘the vortex of consumerism’, herded up by brands who constantly shove messages and stuff at us we’re told we need - but really kinda don't at all!

  • There is an imbalance in our community - those who have so much and those who have so little. We want to level that up.

  • That making awesome products that do awesome things makes the world a more awesome place for everyone. Awesome.
  •  That money spent on marketing can be re-purposed and made to work a bit harder and spent better for the greater good.
  • That you have more important decisions to make today rather than deciding between 1000 cans of water to quench your thirst. We’ll make it easy. And tasty.

That 50% of our profits - whether it's Sparkling Water or whatever we make next - will always go to help youth homelessness. We’ll partner with inspiring groups like STREAT and Lifewise to make that happen.