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Our Australian Partners – Streat



Over the last decade, STREAT has helped over 3,000 young Australians who really needed a hand. 

Their mission is to help young people ​belong and thrive with a healthy self, home and job by offering disadvantaged youth aged 16-25 a supported pathway from the street to a sustainable livelihood. 

They work with each young person in their program to understand their hopes for the future​ and then provide the necessary care and wrap-around support for them to achieve this. This includes individualised case management, drawing assistance from psychologists, social workers, youth workers and specialised services like drug and alcohol, mental health, medical, family and legal support. 

Through their suite of hospitality & horticulture centred programs, every young person gains transferrable employability skills that stand them in good stead in any industry. They take part in real life work experience and find pathways to paid employment.

 More recently they have created ‘Moving Feast’ which is the opening of STREAT’S first urban farms for young people, as training grounds in their new Horticulture program. This will be the first of many new training and employment pathways for young people into green jobs: from planting seeds, to harvesting produce, tending nurseries, gardening, landscaping, greening waste streams, greening other businesses and green tourism.

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Our New Zealand Partners – Lifewise

Lifewise believes in improving freedom, choice and equity in New Zealand, and offers a range of innovative social development & support services to help people living in hardship access opportunities for a better future.

Lifewise’s Youth Housing Service provides housing and support for rangatahi ​(young person)​, who don’t have a safe or stable place to live, and prepares them for adulthood with ​wrap around support at each step.

Living together at communal Lifewise residences in Auckland, rangatahi are supported by Lifewise Youth Development Workers​, who provide ongoing support to sustain their tenancy until they move into permanent accommodation. 

The Youth Development Workers walk alongside residents to create their own independent living plan, including setting individual goals for independent living, education, employment, and securing permanent housing. They also receive opportunities to lead others, build critical skills and get involved in their communities.​

Residents pay a small percentage of their income in rent​, creating a rental payment history to help them find permanent housing when they graduate from the program. And, when they feel ready to exit the service​, they receive ongoing support ​to reinforce skills, encourage further success, and ensure access to stable, long-term housing.

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